Momos- The love of all seasons and age

Picture this- a cold gloomy day, the clouds are grey and the mood at your workplace has gone considerably down. The only upside- it’s the perfect weather for hot momos and warm soups. Now its summer time, the heat is sweltering and you favorite momo place (Dalle) is still busy serving hot moms and spicy achars to an array of customers. The older ones with family or catching up with friends, the young couples on dates, colleagues bonding all over a plate of momo. We have the traders from olden times to thank for the marvel that is momo. It is said that since this dish was initially popular among the Newar community of Kathmandu valley, its believed that Newari traders brought momo techniques from Lhasa, Tibet. They modified the seasonings of the dish with available ingredients, using water buffalo meat, and gave the dish a Nepali name and boy, are we grateful. Momos are the fast food of this generation- no fancy dish can compare to the steamed, fried dough filled with meat and spices. The juicier the tastier. With proper selection of dough and meat, this steamed delicacy is healthier than deep fried fries we pop so easily. The spicy condiments are derived from our namesake- Dalle khursani which brings an authentic and fiery taste to the food served at Dalle.  Hygienically prepared healthy momos from Dalle have gained comfort food status in Nepal.  From its momentous start in October 2011, Dalle has gained cult status in the eatery scenario of Nepal and it shows no sign of stopping. From merely 6 employee eatery in Kamaladi to 7 operating chains all successfully run is no small feat. What founders Alok Yonzan and Subash Gauchan have to say about their success? They say, “We simply worked to bring different taste and flavors compared to local taste and, after that everything has been about our keen focus on quality and consistency.” Consistency has been the key, whether it is in retaining our food standards, employees and customers, Dalle has certainly carved a niche for itself in the hearts of Kathmanduites. We take pride in serving you with the best comfort food, good ambiance and genuine hospitality. So come enjoy your fabulous plate of momos for all season, weather and age at Dalle.   

Dalle for Vegetarians

For someone who consciously decided to refrain from taking meat, I knew I wouldn’t get the choicest selection at the restaurants. The meat-loving society has left very less option for us vegetarians. I even surrendered my ethics and allowed eggs in my diet to pacify my hunger pangs and dull menus for the Veggies. I had spaced myself from Dalle solely because the momos were tempting enough to tempt me to go back to the meat-eating ways, yes it’s that good. The starters But alas the quest for hygiene especially not wanting to compromise it for the sake of my toddler led me to Dalle. And I was pleasantly surprised. The snacks section had a healthy space dedicated to us vegetarians- tofu, paneer(cottage cheese), potatoes, and mushroom and cheese chilies! Alu Dum the star of the starters menu with the perfect blend of spice and savory. The veg momos were delicious in any form- the steamed, the kotheys and the spicy C momos as well as jhol momo. In short I didn’t feel left out when my family chomped the chicken wings and slurped the chicken jhol momos. The Bowl Affair Confident of my first visit post the vegan lifestyle I dropped in the lunch hours at Dalle yet again and this time was sure what I would order The Dalle bowl. The meal is available in two varieties – with noodles and ice. The bowl consists of rice, bokchoy and lentils, and rajma beans, sprinkled with roasted garlic and onions. Wholesome, healthy, delicious, scrumptious and with the added akbari pickle the right amount of spicy. I was gratified, the taste buds were appeased and life was good. Kid-friendly The kid’s combo menu is a lifesaver, a little bit of everything for the fickle-minded age group. Momos, nuggets, chips and malt drink. Curly fries are a welcome rendition to the age cold finger chips with intrigue the children. But the hero of them all is definitely the juicy and healthy momos which are filling and yummy. My kid can’t stop raving about the place. Why Dalle works   Breaking the exclusivity of being the best momo place in the city, Dalle is a brand that knows its customers and evolves with the growing demand and changing taste its patrons. The warm hospitality of the servers and the fact that the restaurants are conveniently placed throughout the city makes it the best place for people of all ages and all walks of life. 

The Very Accommodating Dalle

Hunger, cravings and mood swings know no time or person or day. When it strikes, it strikes hard yet some yield to the power some resist it. We at Dalle understand when a pregnant woman craves our succulent and hygienic momos and aludum, when a grumpy child will not be pacified by anything but the curly fries and yummy momos and hence our super accommodating timings and multiple outlets throughout Kathmandu. With 9 outlets in our kitty, proper parking spaces and timings fit for lunches, snacks, and dinner along with tie-ups with Foodmandu to deliver your meals to the comfort of your houses, Dalle has pulled all stops for the ease of our patrons. Not only do we serve the most hygienic and delicious food but serve you from 11 am till 9:30. The outlets at Jawalakhel, Thamel, Labim Mall, and Kamaladi serve you right up to 9:30 pm while Golfutar closes at 9, be it cold evenings or warm ones. Chaya complex, Bhatbhateni, World Trade Centre close at 8:30. Online ordering services are also available from Jawalakhel, Labim Mall, WTC, Kamaladi, Thamel and Golfutar outlets.   Dalle has something special for all, especially for the working people. On days it’s hard to wake up after a long night of working, studying and what not, you can imagine waking up to be an ordeal enough. On such days hop to Dalle during your lunch break and enjoy the healthy and restaurant version of GharkoKhana- the Dalle bowl packed with rice, kidney beans, meat, bokchoy, and spicy achar. The Combo meals offer a variety at affordable rates. Kids have a special menu dedicated to their whimsical taste. All in all, Dalle accommodates customers of all ages and all walks of life. So come enjoy tour next meal at Dalle.

The Qualities that make your restaurant a pleasurable experience

It is a universal fact that visiting a restaurant has become much more than an act of consuming food. It has now become an experience, for the palate, eyes and for some even a lifetime experience. The rise in urban nuclear and career-oriented life, eating out has become a necessary evil. Organizing birthdays, anniversaries, event cookouts take a toll on the busy schedule hereby rendering restaurants the safest bet. This concept has been studied, accepted by all which has now contributed to the opening of restaurants, café in every nook and corner of the city. So while selecting a restaurant to share your experiences keep these things in mind: Cleanliness and Hygiene A clean restaurant is a restaurant you can head to. A clean restaurant reflects the health standards is what a restaurant owner finds important and works on it. Hygiene is also a momentous contributor to the overall ambiance of a restaurant. When customers enter a restaurant, they make instantaneous judgments, based on the appearance of the establishment. If tables are not properly cleaned, or if the floors are strewn with food and debris, that creates an unfavorable impression that's difficult to overcome. One of the biggest challenges in a restaurant is to maintain spotless restrooms. Clean, fresh-smelling bathrooms reflect a restaurant’s standards and can help cement goodwill in a patron's mind. A good restaurant always looks clean, orderly, and structured. This creates a positive mood that sets the tone for the patron’s dining experience. Sincerity and communication Guests at a restaurant want to feel like they’re being treated like an individual, not a number, so establishments that make real, sincere contact with them experience the restaurant on a positive note. To make customers feel extra special: Learn food or drink preferences and make recommendations accordingly Communicate with customers online and have an active presence on social media Respond to reviews and/or customer queries or disputes directly and honestly.  Needless to say, great food is absolutely critical to any restaurant experience. Engaging and addressing your shortcomings often brings the Patrons back for more and makes them feel heard. Most importantly, the service must match the spirit of the restaurant. For example, in a family restaurant, the servers should make patrons feel relaxed and comfortable as if they were hanging out at a friend’s house. The Price- Tag Characteristic of a good restaurant is to charge reasonable prices of food in order to satisfy customers. Customers normally have a reasonable price in their mind for the food they ordered and the level of service they received. Therefore, a good restaurant should also set prices based on the type of food and the level of service as well. A price that is too high will upset the customers feel suspicious about the quality of the food. These problems may cause customers not to visit again. Quality Food No restaurant can survive without offering quality food, which uses the freshest ingredients to give patrons a satisfying meal. Quality and tasty food will earn a restaurant a great reputation, earning customers’ loyalty. To create a great restaurant experience, having a highly-skilled and experienced chef, who prepares meals using the best ingredients to maintain a high standard is vital.   Once all of these priorities are met, a restaurant will run smoothly. These qualities are always met in Dalle and its outlets. We strive to provide the best at affordable rates. For your food experience visit the closest Dalle outlet. 

Restaurant etiquette for Patrons and Servers

Manner is always in trend, being nice is always hip. It pays a long way to do your duties diligently and it aids the servers to know how to please the patrons. In return, it also helps to treat those who serve you, politely. Yes, you pay for the services but being a decent human being is priceless. Here are a few guidelines for etiquettes that must be followed to maintain decorum and civility by all: Wait to be seated- for some restaurants, it’s polite to wait for your entire party to arrive before being seated. Be mindful of their protocols. Don’t leave your phone on the table- take your phone, keys, and other belongings off of the table. And don’t take your phone out to text. This sends a message to your company that whoever you’re texting is more important to you than they are. Sending a reply message or email can wait until dinner is over, but if it’s urgent, excuse yourself before taking out your phone. Wait for everyone to be served before you start eating- If you have to send something back, which is acceptable if the food is not cooked properly, make sure you tell the rest of your party to continue eating without you. Don’t call out to your waiter- Instead, try to make eye contact with him or her to silently signal that you need something. If you still can’t get your waiter’s attention, raise your hand in their direction. Treat the wait staff with respect- cannot stress this enough. Treat a human being with the respect they deserve. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but if any of the food is not to your liking keep in mind that this is likely not the waiter’s fault. Leave within 15 minutes of finishing your meal- If you don’t want the fun to end, grab drinks somewhere else. You don’t want to monopolize a table that the restaurant needs, especially if it’s a popular restaurant. After all, a restaurant is a business, and staying past your welcome could prevent another customer from being seated. Decide ahead of time how you’re splitting the bill- If you would like separate checks, ask the waiter ahead of time if this is possible so they can keep track of what each person orders throughout the meal. However, if you’re with a large group, don’t assume the restaurant will be able to accommodate this. If everyone’s meal was around the same price range, it’s best to just split the bill evenly. Tip well- Depending on the restaurant, your waiter may not be working on an hourly wage, which means they depend on your tip for their livelihood. Tip 15 to 20 percent for satisfactory service and 25 percent for exemplary service. For Servers Be pleasant. Greet everyone who enters warmly. Don’t refuse to seat three guests just because the fourth isn’t there yet. Your job is to help. Never say “I don’t know” to a guest’s question without immediately following up with “… but I’ll find out.” Be patient, and choose your moments. Never interrupt a conversation; wait for a lull to list the specials—and always include the prices. Don’t clear any plates until everyone is finished. Never reach across a guest to serve another guest. Never clear a plate full of food without asking what was wrong. Something clearly was wrong. If you ask a patron how their meal was and they say something isn’t right, fix it. Serve from a guest’s left, using your left hand, and clear from their right, using your right hand. So, follow these etiquettes to make your restaurant experience good for all parties involved.