Momos- The love of all seasons and age

Picture this- a cold gloomy day, the clouds are grey and the mood at your workplace has gone considerably down. The only upside- it’s the perfect weather for hot momos and warm soups. Now its summer time, the heat is sweltering and you favorite momo place (Dalle) is still busy serving hot moms and spicy achars to an array of customers. The older ones with family or catching up with friends, the young couples on dates, colleagues bonding all over a plate of momo.

We have the traders from olden times to thank for the marvel that is momo. It is said that since this dish was initially popular among the Newar community of Kathmandu valley, its believed that Newari traders brought momo techniques from Lhasa, Tibet. They modified the seasonings of the dish with available ingredients, using water buffalo meat, and gave the dish a Nepali name and boy, are we grateful. Momos are the fast food of this generation- no fancy dish can compare to the steamed, fried dough filled with meat and spices. The juicier the tastier. With proper selection of dough and meat, this steamed delicacy is healthier than deep fried fries we pop so easily. The spicy condiments are derived from our namesake- Dalle khursani which brings an authentic and fiery taste to the food served at Dalle. 

Hygienically prepared healthy momos from Dalle have gained comfort food status in Nepal.  From its momentous start in October 2011, Dalle has gained cult status in the eatery scenario of Nepal and it shows no sign of stopping. From merely 6 employee eatery in Kamaladi to 7 operating chains all successfully run is no small feat. What founders Alok Yonzan and Subash Gauchan have to say about their success? They say, “We simply worked to bring different taste and flavors compared to local taste and, after that everything has been about our keen focus on quality and consistency.”

Consistency has been the key, whether it is in retaining our food standards, employees and customers, Dalle has certainly carved a niche for itself in the hearts of Kathmanduites. We take pride in serving you with the best comfort food, good ambiance and genuine hospitality. So come enjoy your fabulous plate of momos for all season, weather and age at Dalle.