Dalle for Vegetarians

For someone who consciously decided to refrain from taking meat, I knew I wouldn’t get the choicest selection at the restaurants. The meat-loving society has left very less option for us vegetarians. I even surrendered my ethics and allowed eggs in my diet to pacify my hunger pangs and dull menus for the Veggies. I had spaced myself from Dalle solely because the momos were tempting enough to tempt me to go back to the meat-eating ways, yes it’s that good.

The starters

But alas the quest for hygiene especially not wanting to compromise it for the sake of my toddler led me to Dalle. And I was pleasantly surprised. The snacks section had a healthy space dedicated to us vegetarians- tofu, paneer(cottage cheese), potatoes, and mushroom and cheese chilies! Alu Dum the star of the starters menu with the perfect blend of spice and savory.

The veg momos were delicious in any form- the steamed, the kotheys and the spicy C momos as well as jhol momo. In short I didn’t feel left out when my family chomped the chicken wings and slurped the chicken jhol momos.

The Bowl Affair

Confident of my first visit post the vegan lifestyle I dropped in the lunch hours at Dalle yet again and this time was sure what I would order The Dalle bowl. The meal is available in two varieties – with noodles and ice. The bowl consists of rice, bokchoy and lentils, and rajma beans, sprinkled with roasted garlic and onions. Wholesome, healthy, delicious, scrumptious and with the added akbari pickle the right amount of spicy. I was gratified, the taste buds were appeased and life was good.


The kid’s combo menu is a lifesaver, a little bit of everything for the fickle-minded age group. Momos, nuggets, chips and malt drink. Curly fries are a welcome rendition to the age cold finger chips with intrigue the children. But the hero of them all is definitely the juicy and healthy momos which are filling and yummy. My kid can’t stop raving about the place.

Why Dalle works


Breaking the exclusivity of being the best momo place in the city, Dalle is a brand that knows its customers and evolves with the growing demand and changing taste its patrons. The warm hospitality of the servers and the fact that the restaurants are conveniently placed throughout the city makes it the best place for people of all ages and all walks of life.